Let’s finish our census of coworkers specimens with Hectic Dominic, Vegan Megan, Acid Hamid, Talking Tom, Free Phil and This good old Doug. Let us know if we’ve forgotten someone.

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Hectic Dominic

Dominic is one of your coworkers and you are one of his coworkings. He has done all the opening parties of all coworking spaces of the city for the last ten years and is considered a member by twenty of them. You bump into him each time you go to these tech / innovation / changing the word events. Dominic hashtags, pins, likes, blogs, shares, broadcasts everything around him. He would not spare a smile out of Instagram, every hand checked ends up on his wall and each person met soon becomes his friend. He sometimes brings to your space a dozen of corporate executive looking for a thrill. They wanted to discover The Ecosystem and were willing to pay for it; who better than Dominic to guide them around? Like a bee, he flies from a community to another, gathering pollen wherever flowers bloom but no one really knows where the honey is sold.

Vegan Megan

What’s the correlation between being part of a coworking space and not eating animal derivatives? I don’t know, but, for some reason, Vegan Megan is a classic. On lunchtime, while Bernard The Booze watches his chorizo pizza getting sexy in the oven, Megan peels, cuts and squeezes… In only one month, with the support of Yogi Yolanda, she had convinced ten coworkers to buy a $300 juice extractor.

This good old Doug

Doug is just like any other member: friendly, curious, open minded, willing to meet new people and learn new things. A great coworker and a fresh spirit as you like it. But Doug is sixty. That doesn’t matter to him, he is like anyone here, he is just being young a little bit longer than the rest of them… But will it matter for them? Will he be considered as a peer by people younger than his daughter? He doesn’t want to fake youth and cannot be the old guy; how can he find the right tune? Does Windy Wendy see the father or the man?

Free Phil

Phil is a veteran. He first came to your coworking space six years ago because Richard Stallman was giving a talk. He immediately fell in love with the idea of coworking: sharing skills, opening knowledge, building commons… that stuff was for him! Free together! What a great moto! Let’s take that membership! Phil soon contributed to the coworking wiki, organised decadent Linux install parties and spent a massive amount of energy trying to convert the numerous disbelievers to open sources software alternative – with much less success than Vegan Megan with her juice extractors.

Talking Tom

A coworking space is not about desks and chairs. If it was the case, Tom would not be here. One week after he became a member, he had met everybody – even Lonely Mary, even Gareth the Ghost! Tom always has some crazy stories to tell, some opinions on everything and he always find some wandering coworker to kind of listen. Nobody really knows what he is doing as a living and few have seen him actually working (Skype calls let apart). At home, someone – who does need to work – must be financing his membership… This is the only rational explanation.

Acid Hamid

What brought Hamid here? And what makes him stay? He never comes to any of your social events and he smirks when you talk about community. He sees bullshit everywhere, does not believe, does not belong. He should be working at home or in a private office. But he’s been in your coworking space for three years! Every day ! Is he masochistic, in love, homeless? Or maybe he is just a constipated enthusiast…

Please, use the comment section of this article to describe unreferenced specimens.



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