Within five years of Mutinerie, we’ve seen thousands of coworkers. Today, for science and for fun, we are presenting the most notable specimens. Discover Bernard The Booze, Randy Andy, Windy Wendy, Mysterious Matt, Yogi Yolanda and Gareth the Ghost.

coworking specimen

Bernard The Booze

Let’s start with Bernard. Indeed, Bernard is a starter. You’ll find him at the bar every day at 5 pm and you’d better be there. When the day he is feeling especially vehement, Bernard can even rake the whole coworking space to bring back everyone to reason / to the bar. His behaviour might look extravagant but wait! Bernard knows what he’s doing: “you start at 5 and you’r back home at 7”. Yes, Bernard is married… Bernard brings fluidity and warmth to the community; if you don’t have any Bernard in your coworking space, you should be actively searching for it. If you already have your Bernard, take care of him so he can take care of all.

Randy Andy*

Randy Andy would attend Bernard’s ritual sporadically. He stays whether 15 minutes – Randy has an education but no time to lose – whether 4 hours if Windy Wendy is around. He is quicker with Hungry Ally… He just arrived from Bali and is heading to Rio after a quick stop in Berlin. Nothing shapes his curls better than the salted water of the ocean and it is important to stay on top. Randy Andy is a heavy Copass user: 700 spaces in 70 countries! Randy loves that! He loves the flexibility it provides to his nomadic soul, body and desires. Coworking space managers, beware ! You should know from now you will lose your Randy one day, more likely sooner than later. When Randy has browned all the grass of the garden, we will go away and you can also count with a bit of collateral damage.

*Not the royal one

Windy Wendy

Wendy is windy. She is smiling and shining. She always seats right in the middle of the space, under the glass roof, where the light can touch her. When she is not here, the space looks empty even though this poor Gareth hardly found a place when he arrived at 9:30 am. It’s hard to say what Wendy is doing; some kind of communication stuff for highly meaningful projects… Be polite, don’t ask more. Wendy is not only windy she also is needy and she always finds someone to give her a hand. Having Wendy in your space and not having an Instagram account is madness. Don’t be a fool : everyone wants to be around Wendy and you still have some empty chairs.

Mysterious Matt

Nobody knows what Matt is doing and no one dare to ask. He surely is a kind of tech genius building some crazy apps for important people. He would always sit at the very end of the coworking space where he has his nest. He rarely talks to anyone and always eats the same pizza. Many people want to approach him because, you know, they have an amazing project but don’t know how to code. He sometimes accepts to give tips to Windy Wendy or some other girls. One day, intrigued by his high number of clicks per seconds, you risk yourself to look over his shoulder and this is the day you discover that Mysterious Matt was in fact leading a Zerg army to some obscure mission. Mysterious Matt is well worth discovering.

Yogi Yolanda

Hopefully, Bernard is not the only therapist of the space. You can also count on YoYo. She is a yoga teacher / meditation guru / action activist / personal development coach. Only one week after she joined the community (because she felt good vibes) she was already spreading yoga mats all around the space, she had started a slack group about deep mindfulness, and had delivered a free coaching session for Windy Wendy, Vegan Megan and even Lonely Mary. From my experience, many spaces have their Yogi Yolanda ; we all like her except when she leaves us three weeks with her parakeet while she is finding peace in an Indian ashram.

Gareth the Ghost

Is he part-time? Full-time? Is he here for his trial day? Who knows? No one ! No one can say when he arrived and few will notice when he leaves. He always sits at the same place nobody wants and only leaves it twice a day for physiological reasons. But Gareth is here, the security camera can prove it, and, for some reason, he enjoys being around. He does his stuff, and this is why he took his whatsoever membership for. And one day, at a Bernard’s early booze session, you might discover he crossed Siberia in a sidecar, raised chicken in Guatemala and survived a grizzly attack.

Coming soon: Peripheric Eric, Cathy Cookie, Terry McTroll and much more!

Please, use the comment section of this article to describe unreferenced specimens.



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