Retour sur l’été a Mutinerie Village

Cet été, Mutinerie Village lançait une grande motivation générale pour passer l’été dans le Perche : l’Eté Perché. Nombreux on été ceux qui ont répondu à l’appel des campagnes ensoleillées. On vous proposait un été ponctué de weekends aérés et d’activités à partager ensemble, entre yoga, sophrologie, concerts, ateliers de cuisine et même boxe thaï. Le meilleur de l’équilibre travail-plaisir le temps d’un weekend, histoire de lever le pied avant les vacances ou de se réconforter d’un retour précoce… 

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Tables of the New Law

Are we living in a digital theocracy ?

Infinite are the specific differences of men’s customs and laws, but they can be summarized as follows: one entrusts monarchies, others oligarchies, and some to people in political power. Our legislature stopped looking towards any of these governments. If we can say so with such violent language, the theocratic government is established by placing in God power and strength.

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Pyramid Coworking

The coworking pyramid of needs

Do you remember the good old pyramid of human needs by Maslow? According to Maslow, the needs at the base of the pyramid must be satisfied before being able to satisfy higher ones. It turns out this can be effectively applied to coworking. Each coworking space has to focus on providing some basic services before being able to deliver the true value of coworking. In other words, don’t start giving yoga lessons before being sure you’ve got a reliable WiFi connection and a highly functional space.

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leaving the city

Toward a digital exodus

Many cities of the world are facing an unexpected phenomenon: urban exodus. No longer constrained by a localized workspace, an increasing number of freelancers are enjoying mobility, and ultimately leaving stressful and polluted cities.

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typology coworking

A typology of needs for coworking spaces

Every coworking advocate and enthusiast has, at some point, been confronted by the reoccurring debate that has never been solved: what exactly is a coworking space? One of the difficulties of defining coworking stems from the fact that spaces respond to a diverse range of needs and requirements in very different ways. The Maslow Pyramid of Coworking presents a dynamic classification of the needs that coworking addresses. This classification is interesting and helpful to visualize and prioritize needs, however it falls short of providing concrete advice for implementing factors that achieve them. Here is a detailed framework of needs for coworking spaces.

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